Humanity has been in something of a battle for thousands of years. Many with a religious (Christian) context call it “the battle between good and evil”. Attributing angels and demons to it, kind of making it fantastical and unreal. As something that transpires beyond our realm and thus out of our control. Nothing more than the inherent polarities, whos mere interaction births existence into being.

Simply said, this “battle” is merely the tension between “Service to Self” and “Service to Other”. This is the “battle” that goes on within the world structure and is even waged within ourselves. I believe most, if not all, higher teachings point to this conflict of polarity within ourselves, that becomes manifest unto the world.

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The Polarities: Service to Others

Service to others is exactly that, taking action that is in the service to another’s growth. 
Now, this does not mean its all kittens and rainbows and that you are supposed to be this rug for everyone to walk over. Believe it or not, sometimes the greatest service you can provide for another is to say “no”, or even telling a person to “fuck off!”.
I know, a big shock, yeah? 
Yes, it is okay to do these things in the right context! You are not going to “lose points” or gain “bad karma” for standing your own ground in order for the other to be forced to learn a greater lesson of self-responsibility. This more aligns with authentic self expression, which is what the spiritual path is supposed to be leading you towards. (you can read more on that here.)


As an example, let me put you through a scenario:
Lets say you have a son in his mid 20s and still living at home. He works a job and so is not completely worthless, but he does spend a fair amount of his earnings on alcohol and smokables. He even isolates himself from others in his rooms playing video games and what not. 
He doesn’t go and look for his own place, due to his thinking that he doesn’t make enough money (even though he doesn’t take into account the money spent on his addictions). Nor does he make any friends due to his isolation.
In this scenario, what option do you think is for the greatest growth of the son? 

To let him mooch off of you and allow this to keep going?

Kick him out of your house and have him learn for himself?

To get the son to learn to be responsible for himself, it would make sense too, in a way, force him to learn this life lesson. This is more of an extreme example (A better option of course would be to actually talk to the son, but who does that?) but I use it to make the point easier to see. Just letting the son keep doing what he is doing is “nice”, but it does not aid his growth. In fact, it may very well be stunting his growth and actually acting as a disservice to the son.
In this case, is it really the parents wanting to be “caring” and “nice” that incentives them to let the son be? Or, could it be fear; fear of confrontation, fear of rejection, fear of separation. This fear holding all parties involved back from growth and leading all into stagnation.

Service to Self

This one can be much more obvious, as it is the dominate one within our society and so called “leadership”. The service to self is more cut and dry. Basically, it is any action taken towards the manipulation to garner control over another.
In our current social structure, we can see many things being manipulated to gain power over the people by way of an “authority”. We have been living in a profit centric social ideal and this lays the grounds for easy manipulation. Upon some research, one can come to discover that there are many… inconsistencies within some the foundations of society. 
Just to name a few:
Each one of these can be an article in and of themselves. But to generalize for the sake of simplicity, they have all succumb to the coercion of for-profit and thus have adopted a type of authoritarianism. Through these foundational structures, we have been swooned into relying on a authority to give us specific “truths” or facts pertaining to its genre. Manipulating the human psyche into dependence on these authorities for truth.

There is no “Good” nor “Bad”, only the interactions of Polarities

I am not saying that any of these things are “bad”, per-say. I only bring them to awareness for your pondering. They can have a beneficial use for the greater good of humanity, but, at the moment, it appears these things have become tools to manipulate the collective understanding of what reality is. To the point of any who question this authority become outcasts and seen as “conspiracy theorists”.

This is always a sign of control. If the very act of questioning is meet with hostility, then it is a good chance that its intention is to control a specific narrative. So, the point being, is that for those that see, we as a society may have an over abundance of a particular polarity. 

An imbalance, if you will.

Not only is there an imbalance, but our social structure appears to have been built upon this polarity as well, further emphasizing and mentally coercing or corralling the minds of the people into this specific paradigm. 

This is a main reasoning behind the observation of “programs’ running our thoughts, or the idea of being “programed”. This idea that many of us have programed understandings about ourselves and life as a whole, essentially indoctrinated into this mentality through our religions, education, media and generations of proceeding thoughts or beliefs passed on to us from family. 

All this being said, there is still hope. These things have their uses, all things within Universe has their purpose, or they would not exist. Humanity is “waking up” to this misaligned view of life. It is only through challenge that one becomes stronger. Sometimes it is only through going through hardships and deceit, that a people may come to discover the power within themselves and rise above oppressors and deceivers. Sometimes, we have to reach a breaking point before we unleash our frustrations. 

Things can only remain unbalanced for so long before they come crashing down, thus finding a new balance.

But that is a post for another time and, of course, a big part of this restructuring/rebalancing has to do with blockchain technology.

This may have been a case of senseless ramblings, but I hope this has made some sense to somebody. This is a dynamic that plays out in life and the world our life plays out in. Always. So it behooves of us to have a better understanding of these dynamics. As we come to see what has been going on, we can learn from it all and come to have a better understandings of ourselves and our place amongst this cosmos.
*If you’re interested, the ideas of “Service to self” and “service to others” as polarity of expression are from the books, “The Ra Material” and expands on these concepts and many more. A fascinating read!

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