In the world of numerology (especially in India) there is this marketed idea that if you change your name, you can change your blueprint. 

You can change your very destiny! 

In this piece I would like to reveal the misguided thinking behind this.

With this, I do not wish to demean or belittle anybody or their ideas. I only wish to shed some light on this topic and, perhaps, help people to understand numerology, energetic dynamics and personal choice more fluently.

Speech: Vocal transmission of energy/information

Before we continue on, I just wanted to do a quick run through on how sound works.

Basically, sound/speech is the transmission of energy into vibration to be carried, received and understood by others. 

Vibrations are the movement of energy at any given frequency. 

I know these words get used a lot within the spiritual/metaphysical communities and I just wanted to clarify. Especially since sound, in our case speech, is exactly that; the movement of energy vibrations upon the molecules within the space of an environment. (we call this “air”) The frequency of these vibrations are determined by the words spoken, the pronunciation and the emotion behind the speaking.

We can get into a plethora on interesting things with this simple piece of information, but for now this shall suffice for what we will get into. Next, we will get deeper into the implications of this for you as an individual with a name.

What's in a Name?

When you where born, within some miraculous series of circumstances, a name was decided for and bestowed onto you. (Ask your parents. There is usually some story or history associated with your name.) This is not as “random” as the Cosmically/Divinely decided day/hour/minute of your birth, there are some environmental influences. Your parents have some say in your name. (In the bigger picture, it is all Cosmic and nothing is random)

Now, as you grow, you are constantly refereed to as your name. You are coerced and programed to respond and identify your “self” as your name. You spend time and effort learning to pronounce it correctly and, later, to write your name out. These sounds and letters are becoming imprinted in your mind, imbued within your energy field.

Think of all the times your name has been called out and all the emotional responses it elicited within your nervous system. Be it fear, love, gratitude, hatred, infatuation, anger or what have you; each emotion that is carried upon the vibrations of your name has a more impactful influence upon you.

Over years of repetition, your mind, and thus your nervous system, has grown accustomed to this word (your name) and has an ocean of memories of associations with the use of this word, be they positive or negative.

The importance of challenge

Now, I do understand the desire to change things for one’s self and circumstances; that’s part of what life is about. But, for me, the thought that creating change is as easy as just, changing your name, misses this point in life. If the experience of physically embodied existence where meant to be simple, it would be.

The inherent friction within this cosmic dance of intended expression of energy (soul) through physicality (the body), and the external challenges that inhibit or restrict this expression, are part of the evolutionary purpose of incarnation. The hero must come to face his challenge/enemy for the story to be engrossing. Most things we humans enjoy tend to have some challenge/risk involved. (video games, sports, mountain climbing, diving… you get the point) 

As well, what tends to be the most enjoyable stories? The most influential stories tend to have this theme of a hero, or group of heroes, overcoming unsurmountable odds in order to achieve some great feat.

Another example can be exercise or strength training. Without the resistance and challenge, there is no progress. It is only from pushing through the difficulty and challenge that true strength is achieved.

There is no escape

name pass numerology

The whole point of the prior section was to paint a picture. A picture that life inherently has this “overcoming of challenge to grow” characteristic built into it. Almost as if it is part of the purpose of existing. This idea that this hologram or simulation exists for the strengthening of our willpower. This 3 dimensional world can be seen as something of a “gym” for the soul/will.

This being said, I view this idea of changing the name as an attempt to “cheat” the system or escape your lessons. A misguided attempt to try to skip the lessons or exercises your soul came here to undertake. Lessons YOU choose for YOURSELF.

This escapism or desire for an easier path only hurts you in the end. There is no growth without the exercise. There is no advancement without putting in the work.

You are the Universal Intelligence embodied for the purpose of experience and growth.

You can not escape your lesson’s, you can only postpone them.

REaligning your Field

For this section, we will lay aside the placebo effect. This IS a completely viable and powerful tool that the act of changing ones name can be a part of. But, realistically, this is something that requires an immense amount of Faith and trust to really work. Which, I guess… what do I know? perhaps I am the one overthinking this and bringing my own logic to something that could be and perhaps is inherently, so simple…

With that being said, we can carry on.

As I discussed in an earlier section, the name has a specific vibrational effect on ones energy field. Over time and repetition, the field imbues the vibrational qualities of the name into itself. The amount of energy needed to override the energetic imprint of your origin is quite immense.

As well, in my understanding of energy, this recoding or reprograming takes time and STILL requires the need of confronting challenges associated with ITS own inherent vibrational influence. All forms of energy are polar in nature, and thus not completely one sided in its influence. 

Positive and negative; good and bad. 

Not to mention the process of reprograming that necessitates the confrontation with traumas, self-sabotaging behavior, limiting beliefs and everything else associated with the process of transformation.

Simply put, you cannot out due the Universe and the lessons it has in store for you.

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  1. wow, thank you so much. If you could, share it with those you think would benefit from it. I do need to do more with Numerology… Thank you for the subtle nudge as well

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