My fellow peeps. 

I come with a radical means to cause abrupt, systemic change within our society. A drastic measure that could usher in an age of abundance and innovation the likes of which has never been seen in our history. It may seem drastic in theory, but simple in action… and it has to do with taxes.

You wanna know what it is?

It is simple.

This tax season, if you’re not getting a refund from the government, don’t file your taxes. Don’t pay them. Simple. 

Stop paying into a system that no longer serves you nor the interest of the people of this world.

I ask you this question:

How would you rate the effectiveness and competence of your government, wherever you find yourself on this planet? Would you find the handling of our current situation deserving of a paycheck? Or would you fire them? 

Effectively, that’s what your taxes are… a paycheck to your government. They were quick to tend to the “needs” of big corporations and banks, but what about “we the People”? Do you think we were handled with the same grace and ease?

Taxes are a Fraud

Do you like how your tax money is spent? How is your education system, does it suffice? Where do our taxes actually go? Has the IRS ever been audited? Are we the People benefiting from our taxes?

No, we are not. Just look at the amount of YOUR tax money going to Ukraine… Billions.

Taxes are legalized extortion. Dont believe me?  Below is the Definition of EXTORTION:

“the act of getting something, especially money, by force or threats

What does the IRS do to you if you do not give them the money they tell you you owe?

Does that not sound like extortion?

The Mafia never disappeared, it evolved.

I know what many may be thinking right now:

“But Kyel, what other choice do we have? We have to pay taxes! How would we function without the government?”

And to that I say to you, we will find a way! We are all, all of us, a genius in some capacity. All it takes is a bit of incentive and pursuit towards what it is that fires you up and diving into that. Seeking knowledge and understanding in whatever realm that may be.

The Case for Blockchain

Luckily though, a good bit of the transition can be mitigated by the utilization of blockchain technology. 

Some things Blockchain can help with in our social structure are:

        1. The financial system & banks
        2. Digital resource management (This includes personal Data) & the internet
        3. A.I. and manufacturing
        4. Mortgages, deeds, wills, car history, patents
        5. Non-Intrusive IOT
        6. The Art, gaming & music industry
        7. To voting & governance itself

Blockchain can replace and/or augment all of it

Being decentralized and secure with no need for 3rd party overlords or middlemen. These systems then become cheaper to use, more efficient and accessible to all.

Taxes are the Peoples Concern

The rest can come together as we, the people, come together. 

Shifting our paradigm from one solely focused on profit to one that seeks the betterment of the human condition.

Is this a pipedream? Perhaps, but it’s not as far-fetched as it might seem. Why settle for storing your wealth in a bank, with their 0.1% APY on your savings when you can receive 3.5%, 6%, 12%, 16% with blockchain alternatives! Without the 3rd party authority skimming off the top, there is now more for the people.

With all the wealth generated within this market and the continual mass exodus from the old system, we can begin to invest into projects that seek to improve our communities and way of life for all. This WILL come to be the greatest transfer of wealth in human history!

Imagine, without a regulatory body, we can restructure our education system to one that is funded by the specific community, teaching psychology, emotional intelligence and discovering and fueling passions and interests early in life and thus allowing our children to live their dream and purpose with the help of their elders and becoming the greatest benefit to their community and the planetary community as a whole.

Expensive you say? I feel as if having a society of beings trained to understand their mind and emotions and guided towards their strengths and passions will return far more value to humanity as a whole than the cost of initial investment. Don’t you?

science money research

The Future is Bright, and Possible

Now, also imagine a health system that no longer adheres to the business philosophy of “to cure a patient is to lose a customer”. A new system in which instructs in the proper use and care of the body AND mind. Understanding that a healthy and empowered people are a far more productive people. Releasing the old profit minded way of purposely poisoning and misleading the people in order to sell products and drugs and replacing it with alternative and far more efficient healing modalities.

Imagine having all the resources you need to pursue your passion. Personally monetizing your online data and YOU can choose to sell it and reap the rewards for yourself. (We have all been overpaying for our internet) Monetizing Social Media to the benefit of the content creators. Simultaneously releasing the flow of wealth to those that deserve it and incentivizing quality content and Truth.

Impossible still?

No, it’s at our very doorstep. All it requires is a collective choice. Do we choose to adhere to a failing system that exploited you? Or do we choose a new system that may very well usher in a Golden Age for our species, birthing a technological revolution where Truth, abundance and possibility reign supreme and is accessible to all?

Impossible? No. All it takes is a choice, and that choice is one I leave to you…

There is no better time than NOW.


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