Ah, Lions mane. Natures little secret.

A little known fact, fungi, or mushrooms, were one of the first organic land species on Earth and perhaps are even what aided the evolution onto land.

Its not so obscure though, considering mycelium (the actual body of the mushroom) looks and grows much the same as nervous systems does. Almost as if mycelium itself was the original origin for what makes life possible, these channels for energy and information we call our Nervous System.

mycelium space roots cosmic web

Notice anything similar with the photos above?

As can be seen, there appears to be a correlation between mycelium, the nervous system and electricity. But this similarity does not stop at phenomena we find here on Earth.

Cosmic Web of Connection

myceliun mushrrom apotheosis now

Notably, there is an old saying alluding to this phenomena, 

As above, so below.”  we can even pair it with “As within, so without”

The fractal geometry of the universe manifests in all pathways or currents of energy, big and small.

So, what’s the point?

In effect, the reason I bring up these correlations is to, hopefully, help you better understand how these things are all connected and that there is a rhyme and reason to how mushrooms as a whole have such an impactful effect on human health. You have to put the pieces together yourself.

FDA controls the Health narative

Firstly, for legal reasons, I must say “these statements on the effect mushrooms have on human health have not been granted the blessing of the FDA and thus I cannot claim these organisms effect anything.” 

Of course, there is a reason that the FDA does not normally approve, nor truly study, natural alternatives for health. As there is no financial benefit for approving a healing agent that people can just grow on their own, it mess’s with their business model and thus they take their time and do not conduct adequate human research on natural botanicals.

*I go in more depth on this in my “Great Façade” series pertaining to Health and Medicine.

But there is some evidence to the benefits of the superfood that is Lions Mane.

Mushrooms have long been used within Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, and in the modern west, some research is showing fungi to have tremendous health effects on the human body. 

In nature, fungi has a few important functions. These include: cleaning up radiation and toxins, aiding in the communication of tree/plant root systems (like the nervous system) and aiding in the decomposition of dead matter, creating bioavailable food for plants.

Being that it is in the Fungi’s nature to do this, what makes you think that they cannot do this within the body?

Lions Mane has the same health benefits as most edible fungi, but also has shown to specialize in one area specifically.

Looking at the photo on the left, can you guess as to what that specialty is?

You guessed it, Lions Mane has shown to be of utmost benefit to brain and nervous system health.

Edible mushrooms as a whole give health benefits such as: Vitamin D, boosts immune system and aids in cleaning out toxins. 


As many things have a specialty, Lions mane has everything mentioned above, PLUS:


✅ Fights Alzheimer’s disease

✅ Reduces Anxiety

✅ Reduces cholesterol

✅ Diminishes Ulcers

✅ Fights Depression

✅ Boost cognitive function

✅ Stimulate digestion

✅ High in anti-oxidants

✅ Protects against cancer

✅ Helps abate Parkinson’s Disease 

Lions Mane for Mental Health

As can be seen, that is quite the list of benefits and prevention, all from one lowly mushroom!

In this age of rising mental health issues, this simple mushroom can help people transform their mental health; with out the need for dependency on pharmaceuticals. 

I do not, by any means, allude to this as a replacement for counseling, but as an aid. Considering the possible effects it has on the brain and nervous, I can see this as a natural lubricant to aid in the reprograming of mental conditioning and releasing traumas. Without the dependency issues and side affects of drugs.

For Self-work

For this reason, Lions Mane can be used in ones Spiritual practice (considering the above is basically what Spiritual practice is), I can see this friend of Nature as a complimentary aid. The cognitive improvements offered by this mushroom helps one with concentration and focus, perhaps as an augmentation for meditation.

Just some ideas. 

All things considered, I my self am impressed with the benefits and ability to help my focus and ability to stick to the task at hand. I can attest that it has helped me immensely in my pursuit to bring health to my once corrupt mental health. (and still does) 

With that being said, you can read about my experiences with mental health and life in my Blog section. I can only hope that by sharing my life struggles and lessons that it can aid you on your own journey.

If you are interested trying out Lions Mane for yourself, you can purchase some here and get 


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