Have you recently taken an experimental concoction in lieu of current events? Are you starting to think twice about it and want to detox it out of your system?


Than this article is for you!


In this article, I will be outlining a protocol that may help in cleaning out a majority of components from the concoction, as well as stimulate and aid the bodies normal detox capabilities.


Give this protocol a try and let me know how it goes!


Now, of course, this is not only for those seeking to ride themselves of any potential harmful side effects of the VaX, but can be seen as a powerful detox in its own right.

Prep the Liver for Detox

Firstly, we will need to prepare the liver to be able to better handle the load of toxins that may come.


So, if you did not know, the liver functions as the blood cleaner for the body. It is a blood filter and breaks down toxic substances. But not only that, it also regulates amino acids, bile and stores essential vitamins and minerals. (This is why many see animal livers as a superfood).


Now, for the preparation of the liver, we will simply use a Natural Detox Complex. This liver cleanse is a blend of herbs shown to not only purge the liver of stored toxins, but also improves the functioning of the liver. Helping it to function more effectively.


It is a blend of Dandelion Root, Milk thistle and Celery. 

Additionally, since the liver is purging itself, it is beneficial to use Activated Charcoal to absorb the newly released toxins.


This absorption will aid the body in excreting the toxins as waste, thus mitigate the possibility of reabsorption of the toxins back into the body.


Basically, the charcoal acts as security guards to escort the toxins out of your body.


Now, be aware, if your digestive system is not up to par, the charcoal could lead to constipation. Which will only keep the toxins within your digestive track… Which is not where you want it to be.


Luckily, the liver cleanse does have some effects that also benefit your digestion, as well as the next ingredient. But it would be a good idea to supplement this with magnesium, (perhaps even high doses) which not only necessary mineral for the body itself, but is good at getting the digestive system moving. (Which is why it is a main ingredient in laxatives)

As you can see, this is why its so important to maintain overall health. All these systems need to be high functioning for the body to operate optimally.

Chaga, Natures Deep Cleaners

The Chaga mushroom is a powerful deep cleaner, one of the strongest. Not only is it inherently anti-viral and anti- parasitic, but it is also supreme with cleaning radiation from the system.


As I had shown in my Lion’s Mane article, there is a symbolic, or perhaps real, synergy between mushrooms and the nervous system.



Chaga tea will pump anti-oxidants into your system and aid in cleaning out toxins. As a plus, it also aids in digestion. Aiding the body in expelling the toxins out of the body through waste.

Chlorine Dioxide,
The Ultimate detox

This one is something of a mystical one. It has been actively fought by established authority and even banned within the United States for a time. (Yeah, I am open and will show you the other side of things)


But, the truth is, this is the key to this protocol. Being that it initiates a powerful detox process within the body, by way of oxygenation, it puts the body in full clean up mode and begins purging toxins from the very cells. Which is what we want if we are trying to clean out the body entirely.

Firstly, you will want to buy the set that contains Citric Acid (important). There are two variations sold on the market, citric acid and hydrochloric acid, you want the one containing citric acid. Please, do not be like some people who have caused damage by drinking the one with hydrochloric acid…


Instructions for Use:

  1. When you have the two bottles and are ready to prepare your concoction, you will want an empty glass. (Any size. The bigger the glass, the more diluted the flavor)
  2. The mix requires a 1:1 mix ratio. Meaning you will want an even amount of drops from the two bottles.
  3. So, for starters, we will do THREE drops from EACH bottle. 3 of the Sodium Chlorite and 3 from the Citric Acid.
  4. Swirl the glass too ensure adequate mixing of the two liquids. Do this for around 30 seconds.
  5. You will start to notice a color change in the liquids and the smell of chlorine will become noticeable.
  6. Once this is set, fill the glass with water and give it a drink!

Again, the Activated Charcoal will aid you immensely in gobbling up the free floating toxins being released from the cells. Diminishing the possibility of reabsorption.

White Pine Needle

This is a new one for me. In my TicTok videos on this topic, many commenters suggested this as well. So look I must!


It is high in vitamin C, which is used to clean the cells and boost immune.


Easily found in most regions naturally. Most Pine needles can be made into a tea and you can receive the benefits.

Apple Pectin

Another I found from twitter from a reliable source. I have yet to use and am still researching, but I place these last two to share if any readers wish to look further and research.

Additional detox Aids


This truly is a simple add-on that goes overlooked. 

“Everyone breaths!”

Yes, this is true, BUT most do not breath correctly…


First off, many people are shallow breathers, whom of which simply do not breath deep enough. Thus, they are not using the lungs or raspatory system at their optimal capacity.


Being that the lungs are something of an “exhaust” system for the body (on exhale) and brings in fuel (oxyge, remember how the CDS works?) it makes sense to make full use of this inbuilt system. Not only does the exhale release toxins )CO2 and what not) it also helps regulate the PH and can aid in relaxation of the system as a whole.


There is a practice called “Breath Work” that you can learn about, if you so choose.


So, it is  recommended to do some intentional deep breathing through out the day. Preferably nasal breathing, and you can learn why here.


Considering the majority of us are basically new modern day cave dwellers, rarely leaving our homes (most jobs are contained indoors as well), we are lacking readily available vitamin D.


The Sun is the sense of energy for most of the biological ecosystem, do you not think sunlight would be of benefit to you?


It has been shown to boost serotonin, mental health, heals skin issues, helps build stronger bones, among other things. The sun energizes your cells, which is needed for health and healing!


So, get as much skin exposed to the sun as you can, preferably in the morning or evening, when the sun is not so intense.


This should be obvious, but of course exercise has many benefits for a detox.


The very act of using the muscles helps to push out any stored toxins within them. Not only that, but the act of motion and flexing gets your lymphatic system moving. Your lymph is what carries toxins through you system to be removed.

The Odd Ball

For those that worry about any Nano bots or what not within the VaX, this is a possible tool to help short circuit the little buggers.


It’s called a Magnetic Pulsar, and pulses a 6000 gauze magnetic field and may scramble any tech within your body.


Now, to be honest, considering the potential tech possibilities, I have no idea if this will work or not, but we always have to tell people we use this machine on to remove phones and credit cards so to not scramble them and render them useless. So, it is possible, but considering the advancement of technology and the potential level of this tech, I am unsure.


Additionally, the Pulsed Magnetic Fields create temporary microcurrents of electricity in the area of focus. These microcurrents have shown to stimulate healing within the body, heavily outlined in Dr. Robert O. Becker in his book, “The Body Electric“.


Now, mind you that this one has a higher price tag of $495. So this one may be harder to get for some people. As an idea, you could rent it out to other for their own use, or even charge like $5 or so and give “treatments” to friends and family.

So, that’s it!


Hopefully this will help you on your journey and ushers you into health and wellness.


If you try this protocol, let us know how it effected you in the comments so we can all learn more!


If you need help in finding the resources mentioned above, I have them for sale in the shop and in the links below! It helps me continue what I do.


Thank you!

Here ye, here ye! Let it be know that yes I AM an affiliate for these products. I make a commission of the sales. It does not cost you any more and, actually, with the PureBulk, you get a 10% discount!

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