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Comfort and Certainty

Comfort and certainty was always a risk. It tends to lead to complacency, weakness, boredom, lack of desire and erosion of ambition.


The comfort and certainty of life seems to be eroding away. The world seems to be splitting into two paths of possibility. Thus, we are all thrust into a bit of a pickle, confused as to the possible outcomes life has in store for us. The world seems to be crumbling (in a way, it is). The illusion of certainty is falling away. This is leaving many people with the question, “what can/do I do with myself?”

This is not an easy thing to answer, nor do I think anyone can have the correct answer for you. Only you can find that answer for yourself.

Recently, I have just come to realize that my life has been full of “foolish” risk. Although, I dare say that my “success” has only arisen from my seemingly reckless approach to life.

I can in no way tell you what to do, but I CAN share my experience and how it has helped me in life. This life of mine has been abundant in uncertainty, and so, hopefully by sharing my experience I may offer some help to you through the collectives time of uncertainty.

The old ways are falling away, best to learn how to adapt to the new and maneuver through this transition.

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Joining the Military at 17

When I was 17 and still in Highschool, I choose to join the United States Marine Corp Infantry, unbeknownst to my family. The Iraq war was still going on and. for some reason, I thought this would be of some benefit to me. Perhaps make me the man I could not see myself as at the time.

It did not help me in the way I foresaw…

My time in the Marines had its experiences and lessons for me, to be sure. It perhaps even prepared me for my future experiences. But, the most impactful did not happen until the end. After I was informed that I was to be expelled and stripped of my benefits, I chose to give up on life. (many reasons for this)

Little did I know that this would be one of the best and redefining risks I would take.

Drugs, alcohol and Suicide

I go deeper into many of the experiences of this time period in my upcoming book, “Reality:Lost”, but after the news of my expulsion I got heavy into pills and drinking. Up too the point of deciding to down handfuls of opiates, sleeping pills and DXM, washing it all down my gullet with Bacardi 151 (Mixed with Green Tea, for the culture).

This too was an extreme risk (intention of death has that), but this risk was one that opened my mind to the idea that there is more to life than we have been taught. My reality was never the same, hence the title “Reality:Lost”.

It was the beginning of an unraveling.

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Penniless Adventure to New Lands

After a couple years of trying to be socially normal, in 2012 (December of all times) I left everything and went to Costa Rica.

With no money and way to much stuff (just incase I had to live in the Jungle), I wandered my way to many life experiences I would never of thought possible.

Again, opening my mind up to possibility even more. As well as introducing me to the experienced truth of faith and trust.

I lasted 3 months and returned home to try and find my way within society again.

Risk of Being Alone in a Forest

Yea, so one day I decided to head to a random spot in Northern Michigan for two weeks. Armed with a tent, some books and a bit of food and water. Obviously I ran out water within 2 days and food by the next day or so. It was purposeful though. (water be heavy yo)

I did end up camping next to a beaver pond and near a nice meadow. But, I wanted to test myself. I had been studying some religious texts and teachings lately and desired to try out fasting alone in nature.

I was able to observe and experience my own strength. I had to walk the 9 miles back into town, full backpack, after over a week without food and in the mid-summer heat. All whilst sustaining off of pond water.

You are capable of more than you know. Many times, you only need to have faith and try.

Adventures in NorCal

After another round of attempting to do the 9-5 thing, I felt the need to leave again. This time, I take my backpack and things and head to Mount Shasta, California.

Once again, I must leave the comfort of my home with little funding and a slim idea as to what I am doing. I am off into the unknown. This time, I was able too last 9 months.

No success in the eyes of normies, but I was able to gain in life experience. Experiences such as; living with meth heads, organic farming, pot cultivation and harvesting, mountain top camping alone, escaping wildfires, amongst other things.

I may not of had or made much money, but I did gain life experiences. Also, if not obvious enough, I did survive the risk.

Faith peeps. Faith in your own intuition and trusting the pulling’s towards experiences.


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Yet again, some time working and trying to find an apartment, things where not working out so well. Thus, yet again, I was called to leave. Although this time many synchronicities that led the way.

After living out of my car for a time, I leave it to my mother and off I go I had some vague idea as to where to go this time. A lake. Lake Atitlan to be precise.

I find the lake and stumble upon a doctor, whom of which I ended up working for for 4 years. From him I had the opportunity to learn alternative healing, psychology, amongst a slew of other things I do not know where else I could learned them.

Investing in Crypto Risk

One of the things I was instructed to learn from the doctor was cryptocurrencies. He himself did not understand much, but did see it as a big part of the future and, well, kinda “forced” me to study it during my time with him. I am grateful he had done that.

After I left for Florida with the help of a friend (I still had no money… this was another risk move), at the beginning of the pandemic. After a short time here, I was able to procure some money and I already knew what to do with it. I invested both mine and my friends money into certain crypto projects. This was right after the crash caused by the pandemic.

Everyone thought the world was ending and buying up toilet paper, whilst I was doing the “riskier” move and investing into crypto.

Getting to the Point

None of this is meant as any bragging or flexing or whatever some may think of it all. These were just some of my own experiences when I just left and went on an unknown adventure. My observation of humanities pressing confusion and mental health issues is due to this lose of adventure… the mystery of life has left the mass’.

BUT, the thing is, The Universe kinda works like that.

Life is inherently uncertain, mysterious, unknown. Some of humanity has overlaid the world with their own manufactured “reality” for the benefit of business and profit. Thus creating an illusion of comfort and certainty (for some of us.)

But this is far to lengthy of a topic to cover here. (I have begun to lay this all out in my “The Great Façade” series.)

That is what is falling away, and this is why so many are starting to feel this way. The world has been trapped within an illusion, using control, fear and exploitation to keep it fueled. Considering this is all most of us knew of reality, now that it comes down, many are left confused and bewildered. What is life now?

This is why I share my experiences. Being one who already went through this process, I can share how I learned to adapt. How I retaught myself what is possible by taking risks and adventuring into the unknown.

Soon, it is something we all will have to go through… or fall away with the old world.

This is not fear mongering, just a Truth. As the old saying for evolution goes, “adapt or die”…

Best of luck to you on your journey, anon.

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