Fake news this, fake news that. The people are starting to see that something may be off with the Media they consume. Which is delightful and about time, but people will soon come to know the full extent of their influence.

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Operation Mocking Bird

After World War 2, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was able to gain control over what was being published. Not only within the U.S., but abroad. The CIA now had influence over what the people saw, heard and read. (does this timing sound familiar? Read Part 3: Science & Psychology. This was also things learned around WW2).


Operation Mocking Bird is a United States CIA campaign that aimed not only to influence Media, but to infiltrate it completely.


Granting them total oversight over what is given to the people as “fact or “truth”.


Through recruitment of journalists, editors and students to promulgate false stories. The stories were high in propaganda and the recruited employees were paid higher salaries in compensation.

The Military and
Hollywood Media

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With the growing influence of the U.S. Government within the Media, it is only natural that as the movie industry grew, they would desire more of a guiding hand in it.


Thus they have been working with and instructing movie, documentary and television producers to “accurately depict military stories.” (right…)


Right… it’s not that these Media have an immense influence on how people view your organization and tend to, unknowingly, take much of what they view as “real” and “factual”.


Nah, it couldn’t be that.

Information Media Molds Psychology

This is an important, and often overlooked, aspect of psychology. The fact that information influences and shapes your psychology and thus your personality. Not only that, but how you perceive reality itself.


This is an entire complex topic in and of itself, but it harkens to the truth that “you are what you consume”. This molding of perception, on a large enough scale, can sway the mass amount of people to either support or reject an idea, goal or agenda.


This, of course, leads to the idea of “sheeple”. A people so deeply conditioned to respond to authority, without question, that they appear to be as sheep to a shepherd.


We will discuss this topic more in a future article on Education and Religion

I know that these have started to become shorter. I wish to convey these messages in a more concise manner. To condense the information into a quick and , hopefully, more understandable manner.

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