I know I spoke of Education before, alluding to the altering of information to espouse a specific narrative and how money is extremely influential in what narrative is given to the indoctre… er, educated.


But now I wish to speak to the design towards conformity and dependence upon a figure of authority prevalent in both education and religions. Hence why they are grouped together.


To be clear, I of course see education as an important, no, essential aspect to growth. All should strive to learn/teach in life.

Ordained Education

To begin with, we will speak to the organized structure of our governed education system. Your curriculum is designed, but by whom?


Now, as for the history of modern education, we need not look any further than Mr. Rockefeller (He seems to have a hand in many of these things), who once famously uttered these words:


“We do not want a nation of thinkers, but one of laborers.”


This should cement the basic understanding of what our education system’s intention is. It is not intended to teach people HOW to think, but rather WHAT to think. 


Of which, upon close inspection, is an obvious hindrance towards progression of human evolution.

College Education

college education

There are many good things about college. Although, I prefer the initial concept of “Mystery School” to be more useful to the species as a whole. This is what our education will evolve into. But not yet.


For now, we are stuck with a highly politicized, profit oriented propaganda machine. (Look at it honestly, without a biased eye.)


Let us run through some simple thought exercises and see if we can come to stumble upon any observations.


(Granted, I understand this is all a generalized approach for easier understanding. This is not true for all. But the majority?…)


Ask yourself these questions: How much does college cost nowadays? What is the average time spent within them? How much energy is put into these activities?

Investment of Energy Creates Bias

A large chunk of our identity is formed by how much energy we spend on things or value we attribute. The cost of College tuition is obvious, and ridiculous. This is the 1st chunk of energy/value given to a chosen curriculum. 


Time itself can be seen as a type of currency. If anything, time is the most precious of currencies, as we only have so much time within this life, thus it has value. [Time is Money]


Now, think about it.


You spend (or are indebted) a large sum of money to learn the things you learned. You also spend a significant portion of your life learning it and within the institution. (Yes, I even include early education in the time factor)


You also use a lot of emotional & mental energy to go through it all. All of those tests and exams, the studying required, any drama; all of these emotional situations add more energetic “value” to the experience. Personal Experience. All of this congeals together as an influential contributing factor to your identity.


Now, after spending all that time, money and mental energy learning a specific curriculum, most people tend to become IDENTIFIED with what they now know. (even more if we consider the prestige of a school/field/institution) 


From this, now, hopefully you can get an idea of the magnitude of influence education has on an individual… and why people become biased, and the concept of cognitive dissonance.


Religion is similar to education, but much deeper psychologically. For most people, they do not go through a long indoctrination process, such as years long education for the student or, in the case of religion, a priest. (or its equivalent, depending on the theology) But it is much more influential as it has to do with the unseen. The Reality beyond reality.


Considering many of us see life as a mystery, an unknown happening, those who claim a position of “knowing” of some “Truth” can be a powerful influence indeed.


We, as a people, desire Truth to understand our lives and our place within the Universe. Sometimes seeking it ourselves, oftentimes taking on what we grew up with. 


Belief being such a psychological foundation, it becomes ingrained and overlays the perception of the people. In a sense, belief dictates how one perceives reality.


Thus we can come to understand the reasoning for the inquisition and the crusades. Religions quest for the minds of the people. The more people that share a common belief, the more that belief shapes shared reality.


But this is a complex subject in and of itself, as it starts to go into quantum physics, the observer effect and the mind’s influence over perception. 


In a future article I will go into this, as well as how the teachings of many religions actually have a limiting effect on the people. Making them more susceptible to authority and giving away their self-responsibility.

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