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Initiation of Creation

One represents the initiation of the Energy of Creation, the orgasmic impregnation of the Womb of Void. The first burst of particulates that are the building blocks for matter. Being the initiator and that which fills the space and penetrates space, it is the 1st Masculine expression of energy.

One is the Initial impulse that spurred creation into Being. The manifestation of matter into the Void of Space (Zero).

You can also look at it as the impregnation of matter into void. Like sperm into the womb…

Anyway, the number One is the initial manifested energy and symbolic of the primal Masculine force. I mean, just look at the symbolism – .. 1 ..

One as a
Life lesson/Life Path

In Numerology, if your Birth Date adds up and reduces to One, then this signifies that you are in this life to learn initiative, to bring your creative thoughts and ideas into reality.

You must learn to overcome the limitations and conditioning as to what is possible and learn to follow your own heart and ambitions.

Being that this is a lesson you must learn in life, you may be prone to procrastination and lack of follow-through. Full of ideas and perhaps even starting projects, but often stopping midway to pursue a new idea or venture.

As a LIFE LESSON, these are things you tend to have to work towards embodying. As such, the Universe will provide ample opportunities in your life to learn and transcend these lessons.

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