three numerology apotheosis

Creative Expression

In, Numerology, Three is the onset of discovering self-expression through the created vessel. The Masculine and Feminine come together to create the Divine Child of self-expression.

Three represents the expression within form. The Mother (2) and Father(1) have come together to create the Child (3), the vessel for expressing the energy of Self.

Thus being, Three is the child-like expression of individuality in its true creative capacity.

Three as a
Life lesson/Life Path

If your Birth Date adds up to Three, then you are here to learn how to express your individual creativity. To truly be yourself.

Three as a Life Lesson is about truly being who you are, unashamed. This energy carries with it unique artistic creativity, be it acting, art, or writing. It also carries with it the potential to be inspirational, as its child-like innocence can be infectious.

Along these same lines, part of the lessons of life for you are to rediscover joy and wonder in everyday life.

On the flip side, you may initially be shy or timid in your authenticity and have to WORK on self-expression.

Being a LIFE LESSON, this means these traits are not easily attained. They are what you are here to LEARN TO EMBODY in yourself for its expression THROUGH YOU. 

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