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In Numerology, Two represents the coming together of matter into form. It is only through this solidification of particulates working together that gives way to form. In the Cosmic timeline, this is the formation of Celestial bodies such as stars, planets and moons.

In our case, the form is the body in which the energy can now abide in and express itself through.

The formation of a body to hold the Expressive energy is the first manifestation of Feminine energy. (Just as in the Bible, Adam came before Eve. Eve was made from Adam)

Two as a
Life lesson/Life Path

If your Birth Date adds up to Two, then this signifies that you are in this life to learn about connection and communication as well as issues pertaining to sensitivity. Sensitivity aids in the knowing and remaining mindful to the needs of others to elicit a better, more fruitful, connection.

You must learn that it is not all about you, but the connections and community you are a part of.

Being that this is a lesson you must learn in life, you may be prone to shyness and timidness. Perhaps even having some sort of speech impediment to have to work through in order to unlike your ability to communicate and connect.

As a LIFE LESSON, these are things you tend to have to work towards embodying. As such, the Universe will provide ample opportunities in your life to learn and transcend these lessons

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