zero cosmic void

Zero is the womb of creation. That space in which all things come into being. 

The Aether which holds space and allows for the discovery of self-expression. This is all quite apparent and can be seen within the symbol itself. An ovular shape with a spacious interior. A boundary line which separates existence from non-existence.

From the digital standpoint, zero is the “off” or no-go route. The non-existence of a circuit. The potential path for energy to travel upon, but not yet realized/utilized. The potential before the burst of energy is injected into the process of creation. This symbolism of potential is also observed when numbers are written with a zero before the number, as a means of showing inherent potential growth beyond the current number. (i.e., 01, 02, 03, 004, etc..)

Additionally, zero can also be seen as an amplifier of frequency. Again, looking at we we write numbers, when we go from 9 into 10, that addition of a zero after the one is signifying the entering into a higher dimension.

It is literally the portal in to a new realm, represented by the addition of a digit.

1 – 10 – 100 – 1000 – etc. We even give these dimensions names; tens, hundreds, thousands, millions. 

As a Life Path/Lesson

In your chart, the Zero acts as an amplifier and reveals unrealized potential.

Acts as a pointer to hidden potential. Also denotes refined or amplified qualities of your gifts, such as sensitivity, strength, expansion and intuition. Something of a refined connection to the Source or Void.

Enhances the qualities of the paired number. (I.E. 10, 20, 300) This enhancement is also meant with a higher degree of challenge so the individual may learn how to harness this higher energy.

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