Foundational Stability

In, Numerology, Four  is the number of foundation, stability, structure, etc.

At some point, the chaos of a child must be tempered and matured. This needs a foundation of structured growth. Just as a seed needs an optimal environment to truly flourish, so does a being. The Four is that organized structure for the work of growth.

The Four walls of your home, the four directions, the four elements, the Four stages of matter… Four is the number from which all things find stability and structure.

Four as a
Life lesson/Life Path

If your Birth Date adds up to Four, than your are here to learn the lessons and embody the energy of Four.

Four as a life lesson signifies that you are here to learn self-organization and how to create stability for one self.

You may inherently be chaotic and sloppy, and thus you must learn how to organize yourself to find ultimate success in life.

You have the POTENTIAL to be organized and stalwart in your work, but only after doing the work you are meant to do.

Once the lessons are learned, you are a necessity in any business endeavor, due to your ability to structure organized strategies to accomplish a goal.

You become the foundation to any business, organization, family, etc.

Being a LIFE LESSON, this means these traits are not easily attained. They are what you are here to LEARN TO EMBODY in yourself for its expression THROUGH YOU. 

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