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Seeking Knowledge

The number Seven encapsulates an aspect of the Hindu idea of life, after your children are grown and you are left with an empty nest, this is the time to pursue Knowledge of Self. Following the evolution of the numbers, you have experienced much of what the world offers and are now prepared for the quest of Truth.

Seven desires a deep sense of knowing and discernment. From conducting real research, Seven can bring rebellion through knowledge. Bringing truth to others. Ultimately learning about Reprogramming the mind to be the embodiment of Spirit/Soul.

The Seven, at its core, seeks complete understanding of reality. NORMALLY, most do not see it as that, nor get that far in its possibility.

Seven as a
Life lesson/Life Path

In Numerology, the number Seven is all about knowledge; true knowledge. Ultimately, true knowledge comes from trusting the Universe wholly and comes to understand that, to come to power (8, the next number) one must sacrifice their sense of self, and become who they were meant to become.

Thus, most Seven’s have an innate desire to accumulate knowledge. The lesson they are to learn though, is how to USE that knowledge in life. They can get so caught up in the pursuit of knowledge/information, that it ends up not serving them in life. They become a slave to this desire.

Meaning, that, ultimately, they too must also become the Teacher. They must share their wealth of knowledge in aid of others. But, again, this only comes to fruition through the  application of knowledge gained.

This reminds me of an old saying… “knowledge left unshared, is knowledge wasted.”

Being a LIFE LESSON, this means these traits are not easily attained. They are what you are here to LEARN TO EMBODY in yourself for its expression THROUGH YOU. 

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