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Parental Guidence

After exploring the world and coming into your expression of self, there comes a time where you find Love and a partner to settle down with. Six signifies the family life, home, the guidance and responsibility of a parent to a child.

The Six also represents the balance gained from experiencing both structure and freedom. Through experience, you know better of who you are and how to balance yourself in life.

Six as a
Life lesson/Life Path

In Numerology, the number Six is here to find a balance between their high ideals and normal reality as it is. They tend to see the best in people and neglect the reality of who that person is choosing to be in normal experience.

They have an innate passion for others and this, tied with what was mentioned above, can make them good mentors. Helping others to realize their best self that the Six sees within the other.

They can become natural peace makers as they seek balance in all things. Also, given their parent like, caring energy, they can be good healers as well.

Being a LIFE LESSON, this means these traits are not easily attained. They are what you are here to LEARN TO EMBODY in yourself for its expression THROUGH YOU.

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