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The Elder

The number Nine is the last digit in the cycle of numbers. Having attained all the goals/lessons from previous numbers, it is now wise and wishes to use these learning to help others along the path.

Since this is the end of the line for the Nine, it also has to do with completion and finishing any last karmic obligations before it is to ascend into the next dimension of expression. (From the 01-09 to the 10-19)

Nine as a Life lesson/Life Path

In Numerology, the number Nine is meant to be compassionate, wise and giving. They are meant to help better the world and the people that inhabit it.

Thus, number Nine may struggle with egoic tendencies and giving unsolicited advice. Attempting to seem knowledgeable to boost their own ego.

Nine, being the end of a cycle, would be about dissolving the self-centered ego and becoming one with humanity. To take actions that benefit the world and bestow wisdom.

Being a LIFE LESSON, this means these traits are not easily attained. They are what you are here to LEARN TO EMBODY in yourself for its expression THROUGH YOU. 

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