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Words have power and, considering your name is only a word that is attributed and directed towards you, there is power in your name. Hidden within not only the sound of your name, but the precise spelling, lies a map to discovering the inherit potential within you.

These potentials lie dormant, waiting to be honed from life experiences and lessons learned through life. As you overcome obstacles and learn lessons in life, you become more actualize, more self-empowered human being.

So, we shall break this down as simply as possible. Below you will find a chart it has numbers and it has letters in their groupings. 1 = A, J, and S, etc…

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Master Number



Breaking The Name Down

So, in using myself as an example:

                                                                   7 5     =  12 = 1 + 2 = 3                                                                                                                                                         K-Y-E-L 

                                                  5 =   2          3

Roughly speaking than, my name has a blended vibration of the number 8. This means, basically, that my name imbues me with qualities of leadership, influence, power, infinite energy and business sense. This is only when I choose to express these qualities positively. This is only the positive expression.

Being that we are speaking in terms of energy, there are both positive and negative expressions of every level of vibration…

A Negatively expressed 8 leads to issues of control, a lust for power, frustration, anger, authoritarian, dictator… Which reminds me of the old meme‘s which, actually, somewhat accurately portray the energy of a KYLE… Energy drinks, anger and punching through drywall.

Errmm, well then. Anywho, did you do the math for your own name yet?

Ah, I have forgotten to mention Master numbers, these you do not reduce. Master numbers are any repetition of numbers… So 11, 22, 33… all the way up to 99. There are some that say it only goes to 33, but I have found this to be inaccurate. More on Master Numbers here.

Once you have the fully reduced number, refer to the chart here to get a rough idea of the energetic qualities imbued in your name.

The Numbers

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