Ramblings Beyond Time

Time “line”

There is no past, there is no future,

only this single frame of the cosmic motion picture.

If all things have always been, no beginning and no end. Only the present bits of the infinite which our mind chooses to rend.

If the is’ness of time is all there is, than this moment of is’ness is pregnant with the infinite potential of God itself. 

History as the Programing of Time

The above would signify that all past’s and all futures exist with-in as potential experiences within this moment.

When we are born, we are born into a specific set of circumstances with a pre-determined past so to create the present time of our existential experience.

This specific predetermined past – sets the path for specific lessons in which to learn and grow from.

Meaning that the past in which you think you know, is the story that ingrained certain ideas and concepts of what and how reality should be. Think of it as a way of preprograming your consciousness to prepare the Path of Life for the individual Soul.

A programmed interpretation of the sensory stimuli received from the ocean of light, for the creation of a specific experience for you (the Soul) to grow from. 

The Past does not Exist

Is there a singular timeline? 

We appear to be born into the period necessary for your individual growth and expansion, with the necessary past that begets the circumstances of the present giving it the sense of continuity. Solidifying the manifestation of growth through experience.

The hi-story you know was a -story created for the mind to believe its current experience.

But there is no “true” history, as there is no set timeline.

The time line you experience is an holographic display of light. What you experience in this hologram, is left to God (the intelligence within the Light)

What is a day? What is a lifetime?

Nothing more than fleeting ticks on the Infinite cosmic ´´line´´ of time.

I see Time like a Multi-Dimensional spider web. 

One whose threads spread out and branch off into infinity. Wherever the spider (you) resides is the point of infinite potential that you experience.

Each glistening thread branching into the infinite void, coalescing into the awe inspiring permeating ocean of Light that is Ultimate Reality. 

Light is intelligence, intelligence is light. 

You never wondered why a smart person is said to be “bright”?

A drop in an infinite ocean. 

But its all you.

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