cosmic truth

The word “truth” has developed a bit of an ambiguity; soiled and layered with a myriad of meanings and concepts, even within the same genre of explanation.

Throughout the millennia’s of human existence, wise beings have attempted to expound the Truth of Life itself. Speaking to try and  provide meaning and purpose to this profoundly paradoxical mass hallucination that is life, to the masses.

But, people than take these teachings and turn them into a multitude of cults and religions. Thus the Truth becomes diluted and misconstrued by those who wished to pass them on, but lacking the actual experiencing. They did not innerstand the Truth of what they were taught, which contaminates it.

Truth cannot be spoken, witnessed nor contemplated; only experienced

To hear about is to forget

To watch or witness is to have a vague memory

But to do or experience is the only means to understand

You ARE the Truth

truth of self reflection

All spirituality, religions and philosophies aim to explain “this”; this reality, this life. 

But the simplicity of the Truth is the obvious fact that YOU are the only Truth you need, for you are existence incarnate; you are life itself! 

If you wish to seek understanding of Life, step back and observe yourself!

If you don’t have the gusto to go and inhabit yourself in solitude from time to time, you have no idea as to the magnificence of the incarnated phenomenal existence, known as Human Being and Universe, you are.

The Light of Truth

Our Idea of Existence is just one field of consciousness, or Intelligent Light. 

That should have been obvious once we figured out how the eye works.

Everything “out there” is light entering the mind through the eye, and then the light is interpreted into different forms and phenomena that is then projected onto the orbicular screen of perception. 

With better understanding, comes better interpretation. 

Each observer is an individual photon in a vast infinite array of light, Infinite Individualism, each with an essence of the One, shared, mind. (The Collective Consciousness) 

Existence as just an ocean of light until awareness comes around and interprets it to have form, with concepts of how and what should be. 

Then you happen across other forms that happen to be aware of this phenomenal play of light. But, are they real? Or are they just figments of your imagination? Forms made from the light to help push growth along? 

You don’t decide the people you come across on the journey, they are just happenings. You happen upon them. Just projections of interpreted light.

Mental Programing
Steals the Wheel

Well, most times they aren’t quite aware of how phenomenal it is or that it’s a construct of the “their” mind (thus the fall, forgetting this, bestowing us with the title “the species with amnesia”). 

Most restrict their interpretations down to be aligned to certain concepts, beliefs and biased education; usually the ones most commonly held by others, not to stray from the majority and come to their own understanding based on their experience of existence. 

The majority offer reassurance, “it’s what everyone else thinks”. Few straying off and finding their own Truth.(Hence why the “maybe” of them being projections. Them showing you what you have to grow out of at times?)

Life is a majestic dream of the collective. A drama in which the characters are infinite individualism known as Omnipresence and the stage set being the creation of a shared collective consciousness.

The Present Moment

You can change your interpretation of reality through changing how you perceive things; it is your perceptions that are interpreted. 

To figure out how one alters one’s perceptions, one observes how they perceive, they perceive through the senses. 

The senses are the doors, the portals to reality. 

Windows in which we get to peek at that which is, momentary existence. God or consciousness manifest in that momentary glance.

Then comes the perception of the moment, which leads to interpretations of the moment based on past accumulated knowledge and experience, which dilutes the initial virgin experience of the moment of existence into one of concepts, ideas, “facts”, knowledge, internal conversation about the moment already past, etc.

The original witnessing of consciousness manifesting becomes obscured, lost in a torrent of thought.

Just see from the depth of pure Being; awareness observing the play of light and sound on the stage of mind. The mind interprets, orchestrates and constructs based on past knowledge gained and experiences had.

If you seek to come to a better understanding of what IS, this life, existence, reality; what better way to investigate existence than to examine that in which you are, existence incarnate!

You, being an aspect of existence (you exist, don’t you?) are the best subject for attentive watching of how you work.

Your thoughts, emotions, reactions, judgments and habits can be watched, when remembered, and from coming to awareness, become fine-tuned or even removed.

To rise above the primal, instinctual, habitual reactions to existence and, instead, you use situations to strengthen your awareness and react how the moment sees fit.

Seek that which dwells within, the watcher of the life-movie screen; the One that observes the sensations of the senses and listens to the redundant talking commentary of the mind.

Remember the feeling of Being!

What’s the point in having to “verbalize” inside your head what you feel, hear or think for that matter?

If that’s already “you” experiencing these things, why should “you” have to tell “yourself” about it? 

Seems redundant.

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