Through the windows of the senses, the mind touches the Infinite Ocean of Light and is bestowed information (through Frequency) to interpret and project onto the screen of consciousness. 

This holographic projection of Light information is for the observational experience of the Witnessing Spirit.

Let there Be Light!

The Light is the Conductor of this orchestration of life. Light is the Intelligence behind the veil of existence, reality, life, God. 

To “see the light”, to see God, one must try to observe the “screen” of consciousness without interpretations. 

Without letting beliefs of what should or could be, how you think it is, get between you and the Truth of what “Is”. 

Without concepts, ideas, notions or beliefs to obscure your observation of existence as it is, an ocean of light interpreted by consciences with an ever changing and accumulating intelligence.

The Light, through the use of the mind and consciousness, manifests itself as form/matter for the sake of conscience growth. 

Offering the ability to gain better understanding of Itself, through us. 

Us humans being the (As as of yet known) best vessels for experience.

The question of existence is the question of perception. How do you choose to look at it? 

Existence, reality, is merely sensory datum interpreted and projected by the mind for the observance of the all seeing Eye (awareness; I.E. Consciousness, consciously observing Itself). 

To the individual observer there is no “out there” without the interpretation and manifestation from within. They are both one and the same; in a way a type of synchronized symbiosis (One feeds the other and vice versa).

The Present Moment

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”


William Blake The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

The senses are the doors, the portals to reality. Windows from which we get a peek at that which is, infinite existence; God or consciousness manifest in that momentary glance.

Then comes the perception of the moment, which leads to interpretations based off of past accumulated knowledge and experience, which dilutes the initial virgin experience of the moment of existence into one of concepts, ideas, “facts”, knowledge, internal conversation about the moment already past amongst other things.

The original witnessing of consciousness manifesting is obscured; lost in a torrent of thought.

Meditate on the Light

Meditation is the art of centering one’s self. 

The torrential myriad of thoughts pull your awareness this way and that, fracturing it to un-Whole-y-ness. 

Centering oneself is to steady the mind; and by way of this, one hones in on the moment of actual experience. From this central point of the moment, you see the perception of It as It is, not what our mental rabble superimposes upon it. 

From defogging the mind and cleaning it for awareness to shine through unimpeded and expand, allowing you to truly experience sensual perception without the obstruction and distraction of thoughts.

As an aside: What’s the point in having to verbalize inside your head what you feel, hear or think? 

If that’s already “you” experiencing these things, why should “you” have to tell “yourself” about your experiences? 

Seems redundant, no?

What Are YOU?

Now, we can begin to question this inner “voice”. 

Who am I? What am I? 

It is easy enough to deduce that the body is ephemeral; they tend to fall over and croak from time to time. 

What about that analytical apparatus that never seems to shut up; the brain? The brain is just another part of the body and it, too, dies with the body. So these thoughts can’t be what we are. 

Who is the listener of the thoughts? The feeler of the feeling? The observer of the observed? 

Well… I think it has to do with who you really are.

Not your body, not your mind… what could it be?

Look and see.

Who/what are you, beyond it all?

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