Cryptocurrencies are changing the game on how money functions and how we can earn it.

As Technology and, coincidently, we as a species are evolving out of centralization, more and more opportunities are starting to present themselves.

Slowly but surely we are leaving behind centralized tech that benefits from your information, to decentralized tech that benefits we the PEOPLE. 

We are heading into Web 3.0 and the gates are open for those that want to be early entrants. 

From web browsers and search engines to how you purchase things from the internet, there are a growing selection of ways to earn crypto from doing what you are already doing.

You just have to change HOW you do those things.

brave earn money

Web Browser

Brave is making waves as it is taking back control over user data with their Internet Browser, Brave Browser.

This web browser has a built in Ad Blocker and even removes the commercials off from YouTube!

Data is valuable and Brave returns value to the user and Earn the Basic Attention Tokens, an ERC-20 token, which can be traded for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies or sold for cash.

What’s more, it has an integration with Uphold wallet, thus also acting as an exchange to be able to purchase and store a selection of crypto-assets, all from within the browser!

Earn To Search

With that change of web browser, you can also change the default search engine.


With the decentralization of everything comes a decentralized engine to scour the internet to find what you seek.


Presearch is a search engine built utilizing decentralized nodes to store and gather information.


With the simple download of a browser extension and account creation, you can be on your way to Earn $PRE EVERY time you search for something on the internet.

Earn From
Shopping Online

Do you use Groupon for events near you? Take classes at Udemy? Do you travel using the modern tools of Expedia, Priceline, or CheapOair?

Well than this is for you!

Lolli has partnered with these and many other online retailers to offer you to Earn Bitcoin back rewards when using their extension with purchase.

If you are already using these websites, why not take advantage and invest in yourself at the same time?

*Currently only for U.S. citizens

crypto earn money

Debit cards

Out of the selection of exchanges, I pick for centerstage because it is a solid all around place to store your assets, should you choose to keep them on an exchange.

Not only can you buy assets with a credit/debit card, you can sell them straight to a pre-paid debit card to use your gains straight away, with out the extra hassle and fees for transferring things around. (DYOR on your local tax laws)

Though they do offer their own software wallet as well, so you can keep your assets a wee bit more secure. 

What’s more, you can use your crypto debit card to make your purchases with Lolli.

Adding up the percentage paid back in crypto.

(To be fair, there are a growing amount of crypto exchanges offering cards now, or in the future)

You can see a walkthrough on how to make your 1st purchase here.

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