As I sit here, eye’s closed, immersed in the still-vibrancy; heart fluttering with an ethereal radiance. 

The sounds that come into existence reverberate and echo throughout the abyss of my Being, Each deflection creating a new ripple of energy at the shores of consciousness, blending with and permeating the abyss.

These vibrations of sound come into and out of existence by way of my sensory awareness. Without my observance of It, there is no It.

It and I are one.

mycelium space roots cosmic web

You are the Cosmos Itself

Since the Cosmos is Light and Sound manifested into a myriad of forms for the purpose of Its own growth and expansion of Itself, then I’m left to Be because of It and It exists because my Being grows. It is with me and I with It.

An Old Writing from the Trippy Days:

We are all essences of God, Cosmic Consciousness, the Source, the Creator. In order to discover Itself (purpose) It divided Itself into Infinitude in which to experience “Its” creation first hand…It sent Itself inside Itself to find Itself…and so must you.

God is omnipresent to the point of Infinite Individualism; every individual photon, atom, whatever Individual thing you can see is an essence, an expression of God.

If it has presence, it has form; if it has form it has consciousness. It has to have an intelligent aspect of itself in order to organize the atoms, molecules and cells together.

Deeper Still

I Sink deeper into the essence of what Is, this moment of sensory perception. Seeking the source of my perceptual awareness, the sensations of the external must revert and turn within, probing and feeling with the direction of Will, into the infinite abyss of Being. 

Lightness, expansive stillness and silence become the paramount observance.

Vibrancy increases with depth. 

Time begins to show itself to be the illusion that it is. Its vail erodes away, exposing the Truth of the Eternal Now; the only moment any of us exist; where choices are made, feelings felt, observances made and destiny unravels.

There is no past, there is no future, only this single frame of this Cosmic motion picture.

As one sinks deeper yet and the sense of self begins to erode, I come across an energetic barrier that snaps me away. 

It feels like a force field that repulses you away with a great force of sound that ripples through you, bringing awareness back up to the physical; like a bolt of lightning striking within you, snapping you back to external reality.

What mysteries are these depths hidding?

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