individual whirlpool self

We all appear to be individual self-aware bundles of light, within the mental translation of this Ocean of Light.

Like whirlpools within water. Given momentary individuality, but still a part of the whole.

We are the multiverse, you and me. 

Each of us is a universe of protons, electrons, and neutrons (atoms), held together by the force of will. Each a universe unto ourselves, due to our own individual interpretation/translation of light in the creation of personal experience.

The "Individual"
mirrors each Others

Reality is a mirror reflecting your inner state of being. 

The “other” you perceive outside of yourself is a universal bundle of self aware atoms, created from within your own personal translation of this shared ocean of light that permeates all creation. 

Us as a whole, or as a collective, hold together a type of collective understanding of what that Light should be. Our world as the manifestation of collective belief. 

Creating a vaster shared reality, from which we all individually experience our own, self-generated perspective.

Learning and growing from within one another’s perception of the other.

ripples individual self

We influence Growth

Life is a system of transmutation.

Stars heat and mix different elements to create new ones. 

Our bodies take in food and liquids and transmutes it into individual parts for the cells to create anew. 

This too can be applied to the mental realm. 

We take in or receive certain energies and thoughts of which we can transmute as well. 

Expediting the clearing of everyone. 

We are beings of transmutation, creating order out of chaos. 

You can’t control anything outside of yourself.

The mental realm is where the power for transformation resides.

It’s all inside of the Mind… Is reality the solidification of Imagination?

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