Have you ever noticed that shock within a “jump scare” like from watching horror movies, have an effect on your perception? That those instances fuels the imagination to create story where there is none? 

Do you think it has a long lasting effect? Could that electrical jolt leave an image upon the mind, creating am action-reaction sequence?

The us of shock to imbue peoples nervous system with information has been studied and practiced for a while. The most obvious example is through the use of “shock” in order to plant unease and fear into the psyche of the people via horror movies.

The State of the World desires change. As time goes on, it is and will continue to become more obvious to how inefficient and obstructive our current social structure is.

The Revelation of Secrets shows all.

In this series, we will be breaking down the many layers to this structure that has been holding humanity back but basically, it all comes down to Mental Programing.



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