It has now become a scientific fact that both the brain and heart produce an electromagnetic field from their very functioning. The heart being many times more influential and powerful. Seeing this, the idea of teaching that love is the most powerful emotion begins to make sense.

Now, this is by no means a scientific discourse, so bear with me. 

Let’s see if I can explain…

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E-motion: Energy in MOtion

Emotions is energy in motion within a variety of frequencies. From fear to love, the whole spectrum of emotion is, when felt into, experienced as sensations of frequencies. 

We call these by different names, but any emotion is energy moving through your system, within a specific frequency range and frequency is always carrying information. 

(Think 1’s and 0’s for computers: ups and downs here.) But this information aspect is a whole writing in and of itself, so I will refrain from getting too deep into that subject.

This energy moves through the nervous system of your body. When you move your finger, there is a stream of electricity/energy released from wherever reservoir in your body and sent to said finger of movement.(said to be a string of chemical reactions…) The strength and amount of the stream dictate the force of the movement. 

Slow, fast; with strength or light as a feather. 

The quality of the movement is dictated by the intention or influence of the stream. “You” being the intender/influencer of movement and thus director of this energy stream. 

The nervous system is not just an output system of volition, but does also accept stimuli via the sense organs. Eyes, ears, nose and mouth are all the orifices that take in information from your surroundings. This information travels down this same system of nerves to be interpreted and registered by the mind, thus creating your experience within reality. We could take this concept further, but we will leave it at this point for now.

As I have said, this may not be too scholarly or scientific, I am merely trying to paint a picture for you to experience and see for yourself. Try this simple experience of moving your finger and observe what is going on in your body. OBSERVE. Through observation you can come to intuit happenings. That being said, we can move on.

Energy also manifests as electricity.

torus field apotheosis now energy magnetic

Magnetic Fields

Electricity’s movement through space creates a magnetic field.


The higher the voltage and current, the greater the magnetic field. The same fundamental laws apply to the energy circulating through your nervous system. The stronger the energy, the greater the field generated.

Now, I imagine, you can begin to see how heightened emotions (energy-in-motion), experienced/generated within the heart, influences your field and thus impacts your external reality.

The Earth itself, through the very act of existing/living, also generates an electromagnetic field. As does our moon, Luna, our star, Sol and most other objects in space. You experience your reality through your own EM field, which is only a bubble within the greater field of the Earth, which itself is within the greater field of the Sun, which itself is also a bubble within the galactic field, etc. Our cosmos seems to be a Russian doll of bubbles within bubbles or fields within fields.

All of these magnetic fields are interacting within each other, influencing and distorting the shape and variable strength of each field.  Not only does the movement of these field generating celestial bodies influence the shape of other fields, but the very act of fields rubbing upon other fields generates a type of friction, a static electricity. (The Ionosphere of the Earth) This static electricity is the powerplant of creation.

Distortions in the Field

To take this further and perhaps to be more relatable, let’s use a phenomena that happens within moving water. Just as the distortion of water, due to friction, offers the opportunity for the creation of a self-sustaining vortex (whirlpool), so does the distortion of fields within spacetime. 

The mingling of fields offer the opportunity of creating an individual vortex within the Etheric Field, thus creating the individual entity known as “me”; The localized point of swirling Ether, pulling in the static energy generated by the rotation of fields into itself. Energy carries information and this energy now powers and bestows knowledge to the vessel known as “body”.

So, to simplify, you can look at conception/birth as the creation of a vortex, pulling in the surrounding energy into itself to power a layer of the vessel. The information inherent in the energy becomes the "soul", the record of information that will govern the instincts and capacities of the vessel. 

The Spirit being the governor of all these systems, the choice maker, the witnesser, experiencer and governor of the energy within the vessel.

Upon realizing creation is merely the play of fields interacting with fields, one can come to see that the field generated within your body and heart also have an influence upon the Ether. The goal of the Spirit within the vessel is to come to this realization of co-creation and work to be of the best influence upon this field by optimally maintaining its own field. Now we can see why spiritual teachings tend to favor love, kindness and compassion, as these are the optimal energies to carry within the field to be of the best influence upon creation.

Simple, ya?

Hey! I have also done a video attempting to explain this concept further.

Much love!

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