The world of today has lost all common sense and integrity, or, more aptly, the so called leaders of the world have. But this has also rippled into the population of the west as well. We have lost our self along the road of “progress”. (I get more into the how/why of that in the Great Façade series

Why are things so necessary for life, such as clean water, more expensive than soda? Why is some piece of paper, said to have some kind of value by above mentioned authorities, required to live upon this planet? Born without choice and forced to pay your life away… What happened? How can we change it?

Questioning these observations of our world led me into attempting to see things from a different, grander perspective. Though, at times, my disdain and frustration resurfaces and my anger towards perceived evil reignites… But I, more and more, bring it back to seeing it all as a cosmic lesson. One in which the universe wishes to experience and learn from, through us, as “It” incarnate.

In this movement of Awakening, the mass’ growing awareness of the immense discord and corruption in most of the world’s powers, we missed something. The awakening isn’t just outwardly oriented and for the correction of perceived shenanigans at the expense of the majority of the world’s population, but it is an inward awakening to begin to seek the answer to the age old question of, “who am I?”

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Who are you?

Who do you think you are? 

What your parents, culture, and society have molded you into? 

Most likely. But there is always more than what meets the eye.

There are two ways to observe yourself and life from a grander perspective. One of which I have mentioned briefly already, and that is that we are the universe incarnate. Vessels evolved out of millennia of experience to create what we now know as the human body; the, so far, optimal vehicle for experience, here on Earth.

Seeing us, humanity, as vessels or instruments of universal intelligence and its many names, what “wrongness” is there, really?

Receivers of a Signal

Where do people get their inspiration from?

Their ideas of action are whispered into their mind from somewhere, right?

Despite what you judge the doings or actions of others as, it is the will of the divine, or else it would not exist. One cannot claim that a “God” or “Divine Intelligence” is within and of everything, but then deem some of the actions, choices or situations as “ungodly” or “wrong.”

It doesn’t make sense.

It more appears that humans are a receiver or antenna for certain impulses to be acted out.

Enacting a plan for the greater growth and evolution of Divine Intelligence, manifested as physical phenomena, in which to experience its own possibilities of self-expression, with and within, itself.

I imagine this as the Spiritual self, in which you understand that what you perceive outside of yourself, are only aspects of your greater self, Universal Intelligence, under construction and working out its dysfunctions towards more adequate and harmonious expressions of self.

Humanity, as a species, is one aspect or point of view from which God views and experiences its creation and its perpetual growth and betterment from observations of these expressions of itself…

Multi-layered Self

layers of self


The soul is the accumulated understanding gained by previous experiences, over ALL time.

The individual “child” or expressed possibility of greater Universal Intelligence. (Some would call it God) 

An individual photon in the ocean of light that is Spirit.

We can look at the Soul as the Emotions, Will and Intellect of a Being.

Make sense?

Hopefully… A little bit?


Ego is the perceived identity of a temporal vessel for physical awareness. 

A natural byproduct of individuation from The One. (Intelligent Light)

The identity gleaned from the awareness of being separate. The sense of self gained from the experiences in this life, with this body, usually gained from the accumulation of experiences through interaction with others. It dies along with the physical body.

The next higher view of self is from the overlaid perspective of Ego. The personality that the body and mind have developed from the experiences undergone from this individual perspective and this individual timeline of experiences. (This Specific Life) 

It is the one that remembers the traumas and fears in childhood and uses them as a shield or wall towards the individual self expression of one’s soul. 

This is the entity of self-censorship. It fears many things.

The one that thinks of “you” as an individual identity, separate from all that happens around it. It clings to the smaller picture in which to spotlight and keep focus on its limited view of itself.

This one, Ego, has taken full control over the whole self. The second view actually incorporates the first, but is more personal due to the attempted application to one’s individual perception. 

Which is Ego and which is Soul? 

The Discovery of Self

By observing one’s mental doings and asking which version of you is saying these things, little by little you regain control over your emotions and reactions. The very act of willing yourself to observe and question your thoughts begets a sliver of awareness towards this split identity of self. 

How can “I” question “my” own thinking?

Who “listens” to “your” thoughts? 

Why would any sane person think things that are counterproductive and negative towards oneself? This obviously only creates a negative, self-defeating, perception of oneself and life itself, making your “self” miserable.

Using this self analyses, you start to reidentify with your Soul. You begin to realize you can influence your thoughts and emotions, instead of being controlled by them. Thereby changing your entire outlook on life.

You change life itself.

A New Perspective

new perspective

All is working out perfectly and it is only the limited perspective of a temporary vessel that sees things otherwise. 

The ego is the personality formed out of the body’s experiences of life. “You”, the real you, are the one that can question yourself. The one that can override the repetitive recycling of negative thoughts. 

The One beyond the thoughts

The individual perspective that the Universal Intelligence has created for itself, as an individual window from which to observe and grow from experiences. The experience of interacting with other aspects of your-Self.

If you can create a gap, a separation, from the dictates and judgments of your mind and sink down into a more relaxed understanding that everything is working out in ways I can’t quite comprehend at the moment, you can become exactly that; relaxed. 

Things are happening the way they are, whether you are uptight and worried about it or not. 

So why not choose the more chill view towards things and not let it bring you down?

There is an old saying…

“The Sorcerer influences his environment, he does not allow the environment to influence him.”

I guess this could be one of the major lessons of life. The lesson of influencing your own reactions and interpretations of things; to the best benefit of internal integrity. 

And once you learn to master your internal state of being, seeing you can create your own inner garden of peace, it radiates outward, to the benefit and influence of others. 

Creating an ideal worth striving for.

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