If Energy is the basis of all materium, than we must also understand that there are varying or degrees or levels of Energetic expression.

So for this article, I wish to write the story of the Evolution of Energy, from a Cosmic point-of-view.

As above, so Below. As within, so without.

As all things are connected, and numbers being the foundational code for all layers of reality, by understanding the basic expression of an Energy (number) than you can carry that on into life.

You can begin to read the code in everyday life.

The Evolving Complexity
of Energy

The number Zero is symbolic of the womb of creation. That space in which all things come into being. The Aether which holds space and allows for the discovery of self-expression. This is all quite apparent and can be seen within the symbol itself. An ovular shape with a spacious interior. A boundary line which separates existence from non-existence.


From the digital standpoint, zero is the “off” or no-go route. The non-Existence of a circuit. The potential path for Energy to travel upon, but not yet realized. The potential before the burst of Energy is injected into the process of creation. This symbolism of potential is also observed when numbers are written with a zero before the number, as a means of showing inherent potential growth beyond the current number. (i.e., 01, 02, 03, 004, etc..)

1 - Initiation of Creation

The Big Bang

One represents the initiation of the Energy of Creation, the orgasmic impregnation within the Womb of Void. The first burst of particulates that are the building blocks for matter. Being the initiator and that which fills the space and penetrates space, it is the 1st Masculine expression of Energy.

In computer vernacular, it is the open path. The open gate for free flow of Energy to create action.

In its current form, the Energy is unfocused/ unconcentrated. Being so full of highly charged and of only one polarity, it needs something to bring it all together, to bring balance and efficient use of this power.

The Masculine is the electrical charge aspect of Energy.

2 - Relationships/Connection

Condensation of Matter

Two represents the coming together of matter into form. It is only with the Feminine aspect (Magnetic) that this solidification of charged particulates can come into form. A body in which the Individuated Spark of Energy can now abide in, with the balance of electrical charge (Masculine) and magnetic cohesion (Feminine). 

In the Cosmic timeline, this is the formation of Celestial bodies such as stars, planets and moons. Just as in electricity, it is the movement of electricity that creates the magnetic field, so to in the greater scheme of the Cosmos. (Funny enough, in the Bible, Adam came before Eve. Eve was made from Adam)

The Feminine is the Magnetic aspect of Energy.

3 - Creative Expression

Expression Through Matter

Three is the onset of discovering self-expression through the created vessel. The Masculine and Feminine come together to create the Divine Child of self-expression. With its new found mobility, the embodied Energy can now begin to test out action/reaction upon its environment.

In the Cosmic evolution of things, you can see this as the first signs of “life”. Though consciousness was present since the beginning, there is now mobile entities for it to embody.

4 - Foundations

Beginning of Organized Structures

At some point, the chaos of a child must be tempered and matured. This needs a foundation of structured growth. Just as a seed needs an optimal environment to truly flourish, so does a being. The Four is that organized structure for the work of growth. The four walls of a house, 4 sides to a door, 4 boundaries to a pasture; four being the number of organized containment for efficiency.

In the cosmic evolution of things, the 4 can be seen as the beginning of smaller “beings” organizing together to create more complex structures or vehicles for consciousness to embody. (different specialized cells for organs and what not) Notice now we are also in the color green, the FOURTH chakra and color of Earth, life’s foundation. (For us Sparks that evolved here at least…)

5 - Explorer for Experience

Discovering Individuality

From the nurturing organized structure offered us, we developed a desire to explore outside of our confines. Now imbued with 5 limbs and 5 senses, we have greater mobility and awareness within our environment and are free to explore. Growing tired and bored of its limited environment and same old same old, the 5 strives for new horizons.

Now comes the nomad’s and explorers. The forger of new paths and discovering new ways to experiencing life. The release of boundaries is not only physical, but mental. Opening the way to new ways of thinking and innovation.

6 - Parental Guidance

Maturing into Community

After exploring the world and coming into your expression of self, there comes a time where you find Love and a partner to settle down with. Six signifies the family life, community and the guidance and responsibility of a parent to a child.

In the cosmic evolution of things, you can see this as the formation of towns and cities, in which the inhabitants work together to make an easier and more efficient life for all (ideally…) (Also, does this not sound similar to the Four, when single celled organisms started to come together and work together to create a more complex and efficient way? That fractal man… it keeps repeating itself.)

7 - Wisdom Seeker

The Questioning of Self

In the Hindu idea, after your children are grown and you are left with an empty nest, this is the time to pursue Knowledge of Self. Following the evolution of the numbers, you have experienced much of what the world offers and are now prepared for the quest of Truth.


Deep sense of knowing and discerning, research can bring rebellion through knowledge. Bringing truth. Reprograming the mental construct and rewiring the nervous system to better bring about authentic expression of the Self. The desire is now to understand the mind itself, the creator of experience. (or whatever this meant to the individuals at the time) In the Cosmic evolution of things, you could see this as the advent of science.

8 - Wisdom Embodied

Self-Empowered Knowledge

Through the knowledge gained from its time of the 7, the 8 seeks to apply that knowledge to gain power; either over itself, or others. As the symbol of the Eight alludes to, true power is the balance of the Masculine and Feminine energies within, bridging the higher realms with the lower.


For a time, the Energy of the eight will seek to impose its power on others, until it realizes that true power comes only from the influence over itself. Self-control and self-empowerment.

9 - The Elder

Sharing of Wisdom Gained

The path of evolution for Energy leads here, the ending of a cycle. 


All the knowledge gained from experiencing the path can now be shared. Ideally, the lessons learned from experience has taught the Spark of Expression the lessons of compassion and helping others along the path, now seeing that all is it. The cosmos of experience is the play of light, of which it is a part of.


The Energy of number 9 is the old wise man, having gone through all experience has to offer, only wishes to use his breadth of knowledge for the betterment of all other selves. Seeing there is no good nor evil, the 9 only wishes to play its part, that of being the embodiment of expression the Cosmic Intelligence had intended for it. Knowing that whatever expression rises up, is for the betterment of the greater good. (Even if others cannot see it)

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