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Apotheosis, Now! is a growing brotherhood that is coming together for the upliftment and transformation of humanity!

IT may sound big and grandiose but, if you haven’t noticed, this is EXACTLY what we as a society are heading towards.

Instead of resisting change, we shall flow with and amplify it!

Join the Wave of Change!

DarKo Zanmai

Darko has studied mythology all his live to understand the connection to the “other side”. The richness and similarities of stories guided Darko to have many mythical experiences around the world. These experiences culminated into a state of fearlessness, a “new perspective” to share and a clear vision of the future to come.

This vision of “The New Mythology” drives Darko to share the ideas of unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and atonement with as many people as possible. There is a way through the chaos – can you see it?

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Kyel ThOmas

A Former U.S. Marine who, at the end of his service, was gifted with his 1st of many mystical experiences. This experience led him to investigate the mystery of perception and light. Subsequent experiences slowly eroded away the old idea of self.

From his experience of the process of change, he wishes to guide others through the process so many are starting to find themselves in.