apotheosis code numerology

Buried beneath all that Social Programing, is the code of YOU.

As the old falls away and we come to see our idea of self as being nothing more than layers of programming, the process of self discovery will become more and more sought after in our world. The rediscovery of the Code of Self.

Underneath all these programs of who you are and your place within the world, who are you… really?

This will not be a “reading”, but a conversation. A conversation of Guided self-discovery. 

Using maps I have created from my years of using and studying Numerology, I can help guide you to your own innate expression and aid you in identifying the challenges in the way to actualizing that Soul Expression.

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You can have a look at the photos below to get a better understanding.

apotheosis code numerology

The above is the “Grand Chart”*, taking all possibilities (that I am currently aware of) into account. It continues to evolve as I discover new meanings and significance.

*Do note that areas of the above map have been redacted due to self-protection of “creators rights”.

*Additionally, these maps are for MY use. So there is no need for the client to understand. So do not worry if it looks overwhelming. I only show so that you may see.

numerology code apotheosis now

The above photo is a glimpse of what is to come in the future! Where people can have a simple “Character Sheet”, showing the “Stats” of the “Character” you were designed to play in this Game of Life.

Stay Tuned!

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