golden mirror

The Golden Mirror

At times we all are in a space of change. When the old no longer fits and the new has not settled in yet – exactly in these moments my true gift comes through: to help the mind integrate the experience.

By maintaining a holistic perspective, reflecting the words said, their deeper meaning and thus clarity unfolds before our eyes.

No matter what the topic: love, business, politics, passions and spirituality, all will be reflected with utmost care, trustworthiness and clarity. Peeling those layers of understanding until the essence of the question is revealed for the true answer to be better integrated.

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During this time, you will have:

A safe environment for one’s questions. When one’s experience cannot be shared with one’s peers, having a reliable Golden Mirror will inevitably help you to get a coherent mindset, that will help you bring forth your creativity, divine spark and clear guidance.

Every word shared in this container will be treated as sacred, and no slip of the tongue will ever occur. I will be of service to you until you rise above the question, and wholeheartedly accept responsibility towards the received answer.

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I will support you in the integration of:

If you are not committed to change, then change will wash over you; at times appearing to drown you.

Though if you embrace the change, because you understand its necessity, you can now surf the wave of change, and if committed fully, you may surf that wave gracefully, with ease, thus unleashing your true creative power.