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The Fall of the Dollar

Due to current events in the world, the future of the U.S. Dollar and government ordained currencies seems shaky. Endlessly printing money and giving it to corporations and banks is an unsustainable governing of a currency…


Recent Inflation numbers are up to a whopping 6.8%! (UPDATED: 8.3%)


This will not bode well for the Dollar…

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The future is Digital and parting ways with the centralized mode of operations. No more banks, no money printer, no more taking advantage of the people.

Although, this is much more complex. There IS a centralized version of this future, and its called CBDC’s

You can read more about Digital Assets (Crypto) and Cryptocurrencies here.

It's Simple...

Change what you do, EARN Crypto!

No money to invest? No problem!


There are simple ways to EARN CRYPTO, without spending your hard earned money!


From changing your preferred Browser, search engine and how you shop online; learn how simple changes can become money generators!

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Crypto Exchanges are where you buy and exchange your Crypto assets. 


This is where you will take your first steps to financial freedom and make your first purchase.


Learn more about the different exchanges and how to make your 1st purchase.


Being your own bank means you need your own security and storage.

There are many choices and types to choose from, each with their own pros and cons.

Learn more about Digital Wallets and how to be your own bank, using Crypto.

The Tools of the Banks,
In the hands of the People

Have your Crypto work for You!

Learn more about the FUTURE of Finance

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