It Was All An Illusion…

The world is not what it seems to be. 

The Greatest Façade has overtaken many aspects of our social structure. This takeover is held together by  an illusion, overlaid upon the psyche  of the people.

In this series, we will be trying to outline all the misdeeds of the various layers within our social system that constructs the Façade. This is an attempt to bring awareness to where these varying layers strayed from the optimal time line of human potential. 

None of these critics are exhaustive, just our miniscule understanding and observations made during our time watching the world unfold.

Origins of the Façade

We can begin with a not so famous quote from one of the most influential individuals in our current society, J.P. Morgan, founder of one of the worlds biggest banks, JP Morgan/Chase. This one quote basically sums up the underlying trajectory of our current system. 

Mr. Morgan was a big investor in the pursuit to harness electricity and funded both Edison and Tesla in their pursuit. 

In a talk with Nicola Tesla (who sought to tap energy from the atmosphere), Mr. Morgan is quoted in saying:

“If I can’t put a meter on it, I want nothing to do with it.”

J. P. Morgan

It is such a simple utterance that few understand the gravity of this statement nor the ripple effect it had on the construction of our social structure.

This is the picture we wish to paint for you in this series, so that you may better understand and come to see it for yourself.

It is ironic that this insightful quote, that exposes so much underlying motivation, was uttered by such an important figure of our banking/financial history. Often seen as the bedrock of any functional society.

But we are not going to go into the history of banking here, the quote from ‘ol JP himself will suffice. As I said, the sentiment has seeped into everything.

The idea is, if there is no benefit/profit for the ones funding social systems, then it is not funded. 

Though, with a shift of perspective, they could have seen that there is social benefit to sovereign, empowered and educated people. 

But, the powers that be didn’t want to see that. They only saw control of the people as the most beneficial…

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