There is another Path...

Yes, we do recognize that many of these concepts may be difficult to see as a potential for human society when seen from within our current state. 

We get it. 

We too had to undergo the process of reprogramming our minds in order to open to possibilities outside of our limited understanding at the time.

As the World Economic Forum proposes, all that is needed is a “change of mindset”. 

The following is a snippet taken from the WEF webpage on the Great Reset. 

1. [Reset] our mindset – if we made it up once, we can make it up again

“The first change will have to be to our mindset. Two powerful new books, Thomas Piketty’s Capital and Ideology and Rutger Bregman’s Humankind, show how our current outlook is based on fundamentally wrong assumptions and that dramatic transformation is possible with a change of mindset.

Piketty challenges a basic assumption of capitalism – that inequality is just an unfortunate by-product of progress. Inequality, he argues, is a political choice based on a flawed ideology – the market will provide – and not the inevitable result of technology and globalization. He demonstrates it is neither true, nor irreversible.

Rutger Bregman explodes an even more deep-seated myth: that humans are intrinsically selfish, uncooperative and aggressive, and without the civilizing influence of governments and leaders, order would soon break down and chaos reign. His research over 200,000 years of human history shows that we are in reality hardwired to be kind, cooperative and caring. But we run our countries, civic institutions, companies, schools, often even our families based on this deeply negative and incorrect assumption about human behaviour. He shows that when this assumption changes, everything changes – with real-world examples from the Norwegian prison system to a real world Lord of the Flies.

What both these books show is that our view of the world was simply made up. And made up by a surprisingly small but depressingly influential number of individuals – from Machiavelli and Adam Smith, to Milton Friedman and William Golding. But if we made it up once, we can make it up again, and there are plenty of people out there with great new ideas to work with if we started to take them seriously.

COVID-19 has shown the truth on both of these counts. What is important, to quote Henry Ford is to realize, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.””

Unlike the WHO, we ACTUALLY desire to enact a change that will be beneficial for ALL. They talk a good talk, BUT, their actions have shown otherwise. Look at the world since the WHO came to be influential and ask yourself, “is this aligned with the words I read above?”

Reset our Mindset

It will be a process, and a process that is well worth it. Not just for you, the individual, but for humanity as a whole.

Imagine, communities of cells (people) working together in purpose for the Greater Human/Planetary Organism. No competition, only cooperation. All striving for the greatest possibility.

Resource’s are no longer being funneled to some central point of failure or siphoned off to some systemic parasite and thus individual communities will have more resources to actually take care of the environment and create a prosperous ecosystem for all to grow and thrive in.

As we are now more focused on cooperation, the entire resource flow begins to reroute to one that actually benefits the people. No competition, no war. No war means more resources for other endeavors.

Additionally, the shifting from competition to cooperation does away with the profit, predatory like nature of businesses and corporations. It becomes a collective working together to create and innovate a better living/growing environment for all.

Interested in helping to usher in a New Social Organism built around common sense and Natural Law?

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