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  • numerology code kyel

    Code Counseling

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    This is not just a regular reading where I tell you what the numbers say, oh, no. This conversation is focused on YOU and where you are at NOW, in this moment.

    Of course, you can still get your Life Lesson, Destiny, Soul and all those specific Numerical influences, but I wish to help you plan and ACTUALLY USE the information from the numbers (code) to be of transformational use to YOU!

    Come plan your life around what Universe intended for you… Your “purpose”!

  • golden mirror

    Golden Mirror

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    At times we all are in a space of change. When the old no longer fits and the new has not settled in yet – exactly in these moments my true gift comes through: to help the mind integrate the experience.

    By maintaining a holistic perspective, reflecting the words said, their deeper meaning and thus clarity unfolds before our eyes.

    No matter what the topic: love, business, politics, passions and spirituality, all will be reflected with utmost care, trustworthiness and clarity. Peeling those layers of understanding until the essence of the question is revealed for the true answer to be better integrated.

  • New game apotheosis no

    New Game +

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    The Game of Life is Designed to Enslave minds


    But… There IS another Path

    Life is nothing more than a game of choices…

    Its within your power to CHOOSE to take charge and restart your life, YOUR way, at any moment.